Innovate Your Space with the Westinghouse Sure Series

With smart home automation on the rise, Westinghouse stays on the leading edge of the electronics landscape by delivering products that make life simpler by keeping customers on the forefront of smart technology. Check out all the ways Westinghouse is helping to redefine your everyday life with these unique Westinghouse Sure Series products.

Westinghouse Night Light Charging Station
If you are looking to charge four device simultaneously,  the Westinghouse night light charge station is exactly what you need. It’s unique design features 4 USB ports (4.8A) with LED status indicators over each port to notify you when charging has completed. A touch sensing dimming on/off button allows you to turn the night light on/off and dim the LED night light without interrupting your charge. Just press the W in the middle to turn the light on or off. If you want to dim the light, hold your finger on W until you reach the desired dimness, to make it bright hold the W in the center until you reach the desired brightness.

Westinghouse Wall Surge 6
A necessity no matter where you live, this Westinghouse Electrical Wall Surge 6 will come in handy.
• 2 USB Charging ports
• 6 Grounded Outlets
• 490 Joule Surge Protection
• Smart Technology provides optimal charging current
• Protected LED indicator

Westinghouse Car Charger
The Westinghouse Power Extend Car Charger allows front and rear passengers to keep their devices charged. A perfect solution to keep everyone happy during those long road trips! You can charge up to four devices simultaneously and keep everyone happy while on the road with this Westinghouse Car Charger. It features 4 USB ports and a 6 foot cable.9.6 amps of total power gives you optimal charging power for the most demanding devices. A Spring loaded clip and Magnetic mount option allow for easy placement anywhere around the vehicle. A perfect solution to keep everyone happy during those long road trips. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, other smartphones, tablets, and many other USB devices.

Westinghouse Charge Tower for Universal Smart Phones
Charging all your devices at home or in the hotel at the same time just got easier. The charge Tower features 5 USB charging ports and smart technology that identifies which devices require more power. The charge tower’s attractive design will look great on any desktop surface. Whether you are in your kitchen, living room, office or bedroom, the Westinghouse Charge Tower will help all your devices stay charged. And it is light enough to become you family’s favorite travel companion.