Stanley TIMEIT Mini

Stanley TIMEIT Mini

Automate a lamp, seasonal lights, or small appliances – saving you time, money and energy.

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Set your lights to your desired ON/OFF times to help keep your home secure. By automating your lights, this timer gives your home a lived-in appearance even when you are away.

Compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs, this timer supports a wide range of plug-in lighting.

The timer’s versatility is not limited to lights. It can also be used for potable fans, coffee makers, small appliances, seasonal decor and other devices.


  • 1 Grounded outlet
  • Turns lamps and other electrical devices On/Off automatically
  • Sets in 30 minute intervals
  • Manual ON override switch
  • Slide pin construction prevents lost pins
Stanley TIMEIT Mini



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